2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Schedule, Results and Team Standings

Check out below the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup schedule, results, team standings and game details.

Group Phase - First Round

The top two teams from each group in the first round will advance to the second round.

Rank Group A W L Pts Rank Group B W L Pts
1 China 1 Argentina
2 Ivory Coast  2 Nigeria
3 Poland  3 Russia
4 Venezuela  4 South Korea
Rank Group C W L Pts Rank Group D W L Pts
1 Iran 1  Angola
2 Puerto Rico  2 Italy
3 Spain  3 Philippines
4 Tunisia  4 Serbia
Rank Group E W L Pts Rank Group F W L Pts
1 Czech Republic 1 Brazil
2 Japan  2 Greece
3 Turkey  3 Montenegro
4 USA  4 New Zealand
Rank Group G W L Pts Rank Group H W L Pts
1 Dominican Republic 1 Australia
2 France  2 Canada
3 Germany  3 Lithuania
4 Jordan  4 Senegal
Group Stage: First Round Schedule
Date Time Group Team Scores Team Details
Aug. 31 A Ivory Coast vs. China
Aug. 31 D Philippines vs. Italy
Aug. 31 D Angola vs. Serbia
Aug. 31 C Iran vs. Puerto Rico
Aug. 31 C Spain vs. Tunisia
Aug. 31 B Argentina vs. South Korea
Aug. 31 B Russia vs. Nigeria
Aug. 31 A Poland vs. Venezuela
Sep. 1 H Senegal vs. Lithuania
Sep. 1 H Canada vs. Australia
Sep. 1 G France vs. Germany
Sep. 1 G Dominican Republic vs. Jordan
Sep. 1 F New Zealand vs. Brazil
Sep. 1 F Greece vs. Montenegro
Sep. 1 E Czech Republic vs. USA
Sep. 1 E Turkey vs. Japan
Sep. 2 D Serbia vs. Philippines
Sep. 2 D Italy vs. Angola
Sep. 2 C Tunisia vs. Iran
Sep. 2 C Puerto Rico vs. Spain
Sep. 2 B Nigeria vs. Argentina
Sep. 2 B South Korea vs. Russia
Sep. 2 A China vs. Poland
Sep. 2 A Venezuela vs. Ivory Coast
Sep. 3 G Jordan vs. France
Sep. 3 G Germany vs. Dominican Republic
Sep. 3 F Montenegro vs. New Zealand
Sep. 3 F Brazil vs. Greece
Sep. 3 E Japan vs. Czech Republic
Sep. 3 E USA vs. Turkey
Sep. 3 H Lithuania vs. Canada
Sep. 3 H Australia vs. Senegal
Sep. 4 A Ivory Coast vs. Poland
Sep. 4 D Italy vs. Serbia
Sep. 4 D Angola vs. Philippines
Sep. 4 C Puerto Rico vs. Tunisia
Sep. 4 C Spain vs. Iran
Sep. 4 B South Korea vs. Nigeria
Sep. 4 B Russia vs. Argentina
Sep. 4 A Venezuela vs. China
Sep. 5 G Canada vs. Senegal
Sep. 5 G Germany vs. Jordan
Sep. 5 F Dominican Republic vs. France
Sep. 5 F Brazil vs. Montenegro
Sep. 5 E Greece vs. New Zealand
Sep. 5 E USA vs. Japan
Sep. 5 H Turkey vs. Czech Republic
Sep. 5 H Lithuania vs. Australia

Group Phase - Second Round